How SEO content writing can help

SEO Content writing

Your website is ready for the next level, and it’s time to hire an SEO writer to give your content a major boost and start ranking higher with search engines.

SEO content plays a key role. Search engines are looking for useful information that informs, entertains, educates, and/or solves a problem for users.

Depending on the needs of your project, you’ll want to hire an SEO content writer when your goal is to attract more organic traffic to your website through high-quality, keyword-optimized content.

An SEO content writer understands search engine optimisation and knows how to write content that’s informative, compelling, and relevant.

SEO content serves a variety of purposes, including:

  • Increasing keyword rankings.
  • Driving clicks from search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Attracting high-authority backlinks.
  • Directing users to other internal webpages.
  • Converting website visitors into buyers, subscribers, and/or leads.

Therefore, you should hire an SEO content writer to write your website content – mainly, webpages and blog posts—if you want to increase organic traffic.

A strong SEO writer should understand the search intent and write high-quality content for a keyword-specific topic, not just the keyword.

What Is the Minimum Word Count for SEO?

The minimum word count for SEO is 300 words. This word limit should be your starting point for every web page that’s optimized for SEO to rank in the search engines for relevant keywords.

However, some search queries will require you to write much more than 300 words to rank content in the top positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Meeting user search intent and writing in-depth about a topic are also important ranking factors that must be considered when selecting the SEO minimum word count.

Based on the average minimum word count, the following are recommendations for common types of search engine-optimized content:

Product Pages: 300-word minimum
News Articles: 500-word minimum
Blog Posts: 1,000-word minimum
Review Content: 2,000-word minimum

What Is the Best Word Count for SEO?

The best word count for SEO is about 750+ words on average. However, the most optimal word count will depend on the SEO topic, target keywords, and ideal needs of the user.

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SEO Content writing

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