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We provide monthly Social media management services to assist businesses maintain their social media accounts. In addition to advertising management, this strategy includes social content production, social posting, and social monitoring.

Packages for social media management. Here are the primary components included in our social media management packages by our social media team. Our bundle is £40 per month, with no obligation and cancellation at any time. Join our Social Media Package now by clicking the link below:

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  • 4 Instagram content creation each month (creating images and/or writing posts) 
  • 4 Instagram posting each month (scheduling posts to go out on social media)
  • Instagram monitoring (monitoring mentions and conversations around your brand on social media)
  • 1 Instagram AD each month.
  • Instagram AD management 
  • Training, support and additional services (help getting started, advice on social media strategy, etc.)
  • Monthly reporting (monthly reports on the results of your social media efforts).