Webzun the web designer provides complete Web Design Services. We can create whatever size or style of website you desire, from simple, custom-designed sites to extremely sophisticated e-commerce platforms.

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Meet the people who make Webzun what it is.

Babak byatt web designer in London

Babak Byatt
Director / Co-founder

With 12 years of expertise in web design and marketing, Babak has a thorough grasp of what it takes to operate and advertise a successful internet business. Typically, Babak is the first person you will meet at Webzun. He creates development plans, marketing strategies, and marketing proposals, in addition to handling customer service and web design. Babak graduated in BSc in Computer Science from Cardiff University in 2012.

Zoe the web designer in webzun


Late in 2018, Zoe joined our team to add a second designer. She is the second Master’s degree holder on the list, with an MSc in Product Design from the University of Dundee and a vast array of creative abilities that extend far beyond digital design. Zoe designs logos, brand, and website layouts. Additionally, she collaborates with clients to compile print design tools and brand bundles.

paul web designer in webzun

Graphic designer

Paul is an exceptionally talented graphic designer with over a decade and a half of experience designing gorgeous, pristine site and logo designs. After a decade-long working connection, Paul joined our team in 2015 and quickly revolutionised our approach to design. Paul handles all graphic design projects, collaborating directly with customers to transform their concepts into aesthetically pleasing, practical websites, logos, and printed material.

WebZun Web Designer in London, also provide plenty of assistance and guidance along the process, so don’t worry if you’re not a web expert. Free basic instruction on how to manage your website is provided.

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Custom Designed Online Store

WebZun Web Designer in London can create whatever size online shop you need if you wish to sell your goods online. Give us your spending limit, and we’ll create the ideal website for it. Additionally, we can provide you guidance and assistance with web marketing.

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Affordable Website Design

WebZun Web Designer in London, websites are not only extremely personalised and unique to each business, but also quite inexpensive. We have a minimal down payment with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our web-design process.

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WebZun Web Designer in London uses WordPress to design websites, allowing our clients to effortlessly administer their sites. All of our websites have a website builder, allowing you to make modifications to your site without the assistance of a web professional. No longer will you have to wait for website changes to be made; we will show you how to do them yourself using the software we provide.

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